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Oriental Brothers – Ihe Oma

Oriental Brothers International

Oriental Brothers International

Download this Oriental hit track Ihe Oma by Oriental Brothers International band led by Ferdinand “Dansatch” Emeka Opara.

Ihe Oma.. odighi onye ihe oma soro nso.

Oriental Brothers International Band is a performing highlife musical band from Owerri Nigeria formed in the 1970’s by talented Imo brothers namely Godwin “Kabaka” Opara, Ezebuiro “Warrior” Obinna, Ferdinand “Dansatch” Emeka Opara, Hybrilious “Aquila” Alaraibe, Prince Ichita and Ejiogu who died shortly after the band was formed. Decades later, Oriental Brothers still dominates the music scene and airwaves in the oriental city of Owerri and the eastern Nigeria as one of the most successful highlife music bands fondly cherished by the people.

It is worthy to note that Oriental Brothers played a very vital role in the life of the people after the Biafran civil war. At a time of struggle during and after the civil war, the oriental brothers offered a rare light of hope. They played a very vital spiritual role in keeping “Ndi Igbo” sane. They were pride of the people traumatized by the devastating pangs of civil war.

The Oriental brothers international band under the leadership of Sir warrior, Kabaka and later Dansatch recorded many hit tracks like Onye Ma Uche Chukwu, Chi awu Otu, Obi Nwanne, Anam Ele Chi, Akwa Uwa, Ana Eri Aku, Ebele Onye Uwa, Ihe Oma, Jisie Obi Ike and many others.

Play Oriental Brothers Ihe Oma mp3 audio.

Download Oriental Brothers Ihe Oma mp3 audio.

Download “Oriental Brothers Ihe oma” ORIENTAL-IHE-OMA-Soundwela.mp3 – Downloaded 1926 times – 7 MB

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