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Dan Orji – Eddie Kwansa

Peacock Band

Dan Orji - Eddie Kwansa - Dan Orji Mixtape mp3 download

Peacock International Band presents Eddie Kwansa by Dan Orji mp3.

Nze Dan Orji was the lead vocalist of the celebrated Peacock International Band and the pioneer of what we call Bongo music today.  Dan Orji Started to play music in 1957. He was the founder of the Orji Rankers. Later he founded the Peacocks International Band in 1970. In 1972 Sambola Mama was released and it became the household song of 1970’s in the Old Owerri and beyond. He is the copyright owner of many popular bongo hits such as “Jigi Jigi Kpom Kpom” and “Mama Aliche”, which was been replayed by many upcoming artists today.

Story has it that Eddie Quansa was an owerri man called John Obikwe, who relocated to Ghana after he fell out with his brothers over their father’s property. While in Ghana, he changed his name to Eddie Quansa. His brothers appealed to the peacocks band to make this song to lure his brother to return but he didn’t until today.

Other Dan Orji great hits includes Sambola Mama, Igbuolam – Ebiri Ye, Benna, Umu IbeMmadu Ala Any Nwanne Ya and many others.

Play Dan Orji Eddie Kwanza mp3.


Download Eddie Kwansa by Dan Orji mp3.

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