Immigrate To Canada By Applying To The Express Entry Program


Express Entry is a program designed to expedite the processing of immigration applications to Canada, resulting in reduced waiting times for applicants. Through this system, individuals can immigrate to Canada within six months, a significant improvement compared to the previous wait time of nearly two years.

Qualifications for immigration to Canada through the Express Entry Program:

Meeting all the immigration criteria doesn’t guarantee entry into Canada as there are additional qualifications that require careful consideration. These qualifications can hinder the immigration process, even if a person satisfies all the eligibility requirements.

1. inability to demonstrate medical fitness, or evidence of medical unfitness, can impede the immigration process to Canada.


In the event that a person completes their Canadian immigration file but the Immigration Authority finds any forgery in the person’s file or information provided, they will be deemed ineligible to immigrate to Canada.


3. Eligibility for immigration to Canada is contingent on a person being able to present a criminal record that is free of any crimes. Even if a person meets all other immigration requirements, failure to meet this condition will result in ineligibility for immigration to Canada.

If an individual is proven guilty in a criminal case, they will be ineligible to immigrate to Canada even if they have completed all the necessary procedures.

4. Additionally, if a family member has been previously rejected for immigration to Canada, this may also make an individual ineligible.

5. The individual must not have been convicted of crimes against humanity and must not be suspected of posing a threat to national security in Canada.

6. If any suspicions are proven, their immigration application will be rejected.


These are the conditions for immigration to Canada through the Express Entry Program;

The first system – the skilled labor immigration program to Canada, the federal system:

1. To be eligible for the skilled labor program, the applicant must have worked for a minimum of 1560 hours, which is equivalent to one full year of work within the past ten years. This equates to working 30 hours per week over the course of 52 weeks, resulting in a total of 1560 hours.

Note: It’s important to note that voluntary work experience is not recognized within Canada’s federal immigration program for skilled labor, and therefore will not be counted towards the minimum work requirement.

2. In order to be considered for the application, the candidate must have a proficiency level of 7 in either English or French language, as per the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) standard.

3. Furthermore, if the applicant holds any certificates related to language proficiency gained outside of Canada, they must be evaluated through a Canadian institution that is accredited by the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship.


A compilation of recognized establishments in Canada for assessing academic qualifications can be accessed here.

4. Individuals, whether alone or with their family, must demonstrate evidence of adequate funds for personal expenses and expenditures.

Such documentation is crucial for immigration to Canada as it is necessary to support oneself and one’s family in order to adapt and find employment upon arrival.

Second System – Skilled Trades Program to Canada Federal System:

1. For individuals seeking entry into Canada’s federal Skilled Trades Program, a minimum of two years’ experience in one of the trades listed is mandatory.


Please be advised that the list of trades required in Canada is subject to change and is not definitive. To stay up-to-date on the latest immigration requirements, individuals should regularly consult our website or the official website for Canadian immigration updates.

2. Applicants for the skilled trades program under the Canadian Immigration Program must have a level 7 proficiency in either English or French according to the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) standard.

3. Moreover, the individual must secure a certificate of qualification from the Canadian authority that sponsors the relevant profession in Canada, as part of the requirements for obtaining a work contract in Canada.

Please be advised that the requirement for an employment contract (Clause No. 3) for immigration to Canada has been eliminated and is no longer mandatory.

The reason for this change is due to the significant number of applicants for immigration to Canada who lack employment contracts. However, if an individual is able to secure a Canadian employment contract, it is highly recommended to do so as it can enhance their chances of successful immigration.


Having a Canadian employment contract can provide an advantage over those who do not possess one.

Third System – Canadian Experience Program for Immigration to Canada:

1. To be eligible for immigration to Canada, an applicant must have at least one year of work experience within Canada during the three years preceding their application.

Please note that work experience gained through student employment while studying in Canada will not be considered or counted towards meeting the requirements of the Canadian Immigration Program.

2. In order to be eligible for the Canadian Immigration Program, applicants must demonstrate a proficiency level of 7 or higher in either English or French as per the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) standard.

Steps to immigrate to Canada Express System:



To apply for immigration to Canada, one must first ensure that they meet the eligibility requirements.

For individuals interested in the Skilled Trades Program, they can determine their eligibility by accessing the application online. This application evaluates the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to address any weaknesses that may affect their Canadian immigration file.

By answering a series of questions within the application, individuals can determine their eligibility for immigration to Canada.

If the individual qualifies for the immigration program, they will be provided with an express system code to be used during the appropriate step of the immigration procedures.



After receiving confirmation of eligibility for Canadian immigration, the individual must visit the official Canadian immigration website and create an account.

Upon creating the account, the individual will have the option to register for immigration from within Canada or outside of Canada, such as for Hajj.

For the purposes of registering for immigration from outside Canada, the individual should select the appropriate option and proceed to create a new account using the Continue to GCKey button.

Once the account is created, the individual can choose the immigration program that best suits their needs, such as the Express Entry program.

The individual must provide accurate information when filling out their application and enter the ben code obtained earlier if they meet the immigration requirements.


It is important that the individual answers all questions truthfully and according to their actual abilities to avoid complications during the immigration process.

While this step is not the final stage of immigration, it is crucial to provide accurate information as there will be additional steps in the process.

What happens after applying for immigration to Canada?

Once the individual has submitted their application for the Canadian immigration program, they must wait for an evaluation of their application.

Applications are compared with each other to determine the most suitable candidate for immigration to Canada.


The individual with the highest number of points will have the best chance of being selected for immigration and can proceed with the necessary steps in their immigration file.

Securing an employment contract in Canada is an excellent opportunity to increase one’s immigration points as Canadian employment contracts carry significant weight in determining points.

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