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The Sower

Patty Obasi
Patty Obasi

Rev Patrick Obasi ( 15 May 1951 – 16 October 2012 ) also known as Patty Obassey was a Nigerian gospel artist, instrumentalist and a music evangelist. He was a household name in the seventies and eighties when he released his viral album “Nwamamiwota” which hit the airwaves from the eastern Nigeria.

Patty Obasi was born in the 15th day of May, 1951 in Mmaku, a suburb town laying at the foot of Awgu hills, in the present day Enugu state of Nigeria. Patty started his professional music career during his school days at University of Nigeria Nsuka, when Prof Egbo of UNN bought him his first guitar!


Patty Obasi formed his record label “The Sower” and released his viral album “Nwamamiwota” in 1980.

Patty Obasi was a renowned vocalist, guitarist and renowned music evangelist. His music is commonly filled with teachings on moral values, societal vices and proper christian life. A lifestyle which earned him the “Sower” sobriquet and an ordained Reverend for using his music to preach the gospel.

Rev Patty at the peak of his career has over 20 successful albums to his name including:


Rev Patty Obasi before his demise was married to Easter Obasi with children including KenPatty Obasi Junior.


Patty Obasi has over 20 recorded albums to his name. Here is a comprehensive list of Patty Obasi songs:

Patty Obasi – Ezi Nwanyi Di Uko
Patty Obasi – Ihe Onye Ma Ya Mara Ya
Patty Obasi – Onyenwem Zirim Uzo
Patty Obassey – Osara Nna Ya Akamgba
Patty Obassey – Walking With Jesus 
Patty Obassey – Billionaire In A Crate
Patty Obasi – Chinaza Oku
Patty Obasi – Ebube Jehovah 
Patty Obassey – Complete Nwamamaiwota
Patty Obassey – Freelance Painter
Patty Obasi – Amuru Anyi Otu Nwa
Patty Obasi – Ogadika Olu Ebube
Patty Obasi – Akuko Di Ebube
Patty Obasi – Onye Isi Agha
Patty Obasi – Uwa Bu Ahia
Patty Obasi – Ubanese
Patty Obassey – Onye Kwere Ekwe
Patty Obassey – Uwa Nmehie
Patty Obasi – Bianu K’anyi Kelee Jehovah
Patty Obasi – Ogbaputawom N’ala Apiti
Patty Obasi – Onye Mwem Nedum Ije
Patty Obasi – Enigwe Nyere Anyi AKA
Patty Obasi – Agam Adiri Gi Ndu
Patty Obasi – Ka Hara Bu Ndi Nara Ya
Patty Obassey – Mamaiwota Vol. 1
Patty Obasi – Ihunanya Vol. 1
Patty Obasi – Okwukwe
Patty Obasi – Jaa Ya Nma
Patty Obasi – Achoram Ipkere Gi
Patty Obasi – Onye-Ezi Omume Nwere Ugo
Patty – Ochiehiamakkekwu Vol. 1
Patty Obassey – Anyi ga naga niru
Patty Obassey – Onye Nzoputa
Patty Obasi – Onye Isi Agha
Patty Obasi – Onye Onyinye 
Patty Obasi – Evergreen Story
Patty Obasi – Uwem Adighi Na Ahia
Patty Obasi – The Kingdom Of His Son
Patty Obasi – Born To Rule Mentality 
Patty Obasi – Alaeze
Patty Obasi – Chineke Onye Kere Madu
Patty Obasi – Ka Hara Bu Ndi Nara Ya
Patty Obasi – Akuko Mgbe Ebighiebi
Patty Obasi – Anya Nele Obi
Patty Obasi – Hossana
Patty Obasi – Olu Ihunanya Ya
Patty Obasi – Oga Dika Oluebube


Download all Patty Obasi songs here.

Download Best of Patty Obasi mixtape here.


Patty Obasi painfully passed away on the 16 october 2012 after battling with a protracted kidney failure.

He will forever be remembered as one of the early pioneers of the present day Igbo gospel music. Rest on the Sower, you once lived here, and we have every evidence that you were here. You great musical works will forever be remembered.


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