Jude Nnam Biography (Age, Family, Songs, Net Worth)

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Jude Nnam, ‘The Ancestor’ is a Nigerian music composer and director. He is one of the greatest composers of liturgical music in Africa. He is a prolific Music composer, a keyboardist and a Choral Conductor who has also distinguished himself in the African Music terrain especially within the Catholic Church circle.

Sir Jude was born and raised in Enugu South Local government area of Enugu state, Nigeria to Nigerian parent, Chief Patrick Nnam and Felicia Nnam.

Family and Early Life

Jude Nnam is a man in love with originality right from his early days. He has carved out a niche for himself with his strikingly unique melodies, filled with words that caress both the ear and the heart, and his evergreen contrapuntal harmonies that leave all and sundry wondering “What kind of man is this?”

Jude Nnam was Born on November 10, 1965 to the family of Chief Patrick Chukwu Nnam and Mrs. Felicia Nnam of Umunnaugwu, Amechi, Awkunanaw, Enugu South Local Government, Enugu State of Nigeria.

He is happily married with four beautiful children.

Jude Nnam Age

Jude Nnam was born on November 10, 1965 and celebrated his prestigious 56th birthday in November 2022.

Education and Career

“Ancestor” is without doubt the most
prolific composer in Catholic Church in Africa,
with thousands of original pieces and
arrangements in several languages (English, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Bini, Efik, Igala, Ibibio, Swahili, Ashanti, Zulu, Spanish, Esan, Kalabari, French and the latest, in Chinese to mention but a few) to his name.

He is a multi-instrumentalist with his unique
style of accompaniment that has influenced the greater fraction of the organists in the Catholic Church in Nigeria and beyond.
A music director per excellence, he directed the
“Papal Choir of a thousand voices” in Abuja
during Saint Pope John Paul 11’s second visit to Nigeria, March 1998.

The Ancestor has carved a niche for himself by creating a genre of music that is always filled with remarkable African rhythm which has changed the way Nigerian Christians worship. He is the highest composer of Catholic Choral songs in Nigeria with original compositions like Olisa, Kosisochukwu, Take and Sanctify and other.

Jude is highly sort after as a choral music trainer and worship songwriter who has conducted and trained choirs in at least 90% of the Local Government councils in Nigeria. His works has also taken him all over the world including Rome.

In May 2017 he was endorsed as a Yamaha Ambassador for Africa for their Keyboard products with his songs sold as a standard in Yamaha keyboards.

Jude Nnam has a BSc, Msc and PhD in Music Composition. He is a graduate of music from the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka and Trinity college of Music, London.

Jude Nnam Net Worth

Jude Nnam is tipped to worth over $20 million.

Sir Jude Nnam Official Contact

Phone number: +234 (0) 9059642654


Instagram Profile:

Jude Nnam Songs

Sir Jude Nnam and his Angelic Voices Choral Group of Nigeria has written and composed many catholic songs including viral catholic songs like:





KOSISOCHUKWU and many others.

Click here to download all Jude Nnam songs free.






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